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Meet Insomnia

In middle school, I wanted to make a brand, but my freshman year of high school was the main year for this brand. I was taking a digital art design class and my teacher taught me everything about Photoshop. From then on I started experimenting with different types of logos, different types of editing tools, different types of looks. I self-taught from then on with YouTube, and I made the crosshair logo [the brand’s main logo] from there. I started being more creative from there, and at the same time I was experimenting with different clothes [in my wardrobe].

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Meet Skweezy Jibbs

“So basically, you take bread- it can be one piece folded in half, or two pieces. If it’s one piece folded in half, you just put ketchup on it. If you want to go nuts, homie, like if you’re feeling wealthy, you can put ketchup across the whole piece and then fold it in half, so it’s on both sides.”

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