Lunar Cult - Upon What Has Gone Before

By: Brett Tharp

The most important thing one can do for black metal in 2019 is to “take the piss” from it, as they say in the UK. In a world in which black metal seems to be at war with itself in both online and offline communities over how seriously it must be taken, it’s important that people take the RIGHT stance and answer “not at all”. That’s where Lunar Cult comes in.

Straight out of Derby, UK, Lunar Cult don’t even make black metal. That’s the key aspect, that Upon What Has Gone Before is a chiptune record, but chopped up and filtered through black metal compositional and melodic techniques. Toss in an “anti-fascist” tag on top and you have something so completely against the perceived traditions of black metal, so blasphemous to a genre that’s “supposed” to be blasphemous, and yet intrinsically linked to it nonetheless. These traditions are wrong, to be clear, and a record like this helps people to understand that.

 I wish I could do a deeper dive into it musically, but it’s chiptune and an especially silly take on it besides. Upon What Has Gone Before is five short cuts of delightfully ridiculous and fun bleeps and bloops with a loose skeleton of darkness hanging over it. In short, a hell of a good time that doesn’t overstay its welcome and gives a much-needed “fuck you” to a genre in desperate need of some silliness.

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