Show Review: Mint (PHL) at the Greek

Written By: Hugh Schmidt

Thumbnail designed by: Adam Crosbie

A three band hardcore show at the Greek. What more can you ask for, honestly. As usual, I showed up far too early despite a 50 minute walk from where I parked - which I realized upon seeing a large number of elderly Greek people inside as I started to walk in.

Punk time is forever, and will in fact end me one day.

Kicking things off with what was their first ever show, PCP and the Knives showcased mullet hardcore at its finest. Fueled by rapid-fire pissed off vocal delivery and jerky hyper speed drumming, The North Shore locals pushed out 80’s style punk with a vengeance. They ended their set with a cover of “She’s Not On The Menu” by SNFU, which was much appreciated on my end. 

Austerity was up next and pulled through with a set of songs clearly influenced by 80’s Japanese d-beat and hardcore, with much of it reminding me of material from the Great Punk Hits compilation. The singer paced manically, barking out unintelligible syllables synced to each snare and hi hat hit.

Surprisingly busy overdriven bass lines led the band and served almost as a melodic center, which definitely set them apart for me. Absolutely killer live band, I’d never seen anyone that does the genre justice before.

Mint, on tour from Philadelphia, took things down in speed but quickly made up for it in style, with a simmered down yet intense approach to post-punk. Chorused out leads joined with driving picked bass lines to create catchy almost-melodies for the vocals to jump off of. Moving seamlessly from Nina Hagen-esque shrieks to a classic detached post-punk drawl, the singer had a fucking captivating presence, moving fluidly across the floor as more sing-song parts kicked in. Their set consisted primarily of songs from their new record Cancer, which I cannot recommend highly enough. 

Check out each band below:



PCP & The Knives’ next show is July 9th at the Black Lodge (MA) with Cult Fiction, Big Hog, and The Resource Network.