About Us

Yer Scene is a worldwide community dedicated to the preservation and celebration of all things grassroots and DIY. Our zine and podcasts feature artists and music lovers from all around the world, from New Brunswick to Brisbane. We release free online zines on the first of every month and podcast episodes on the tenth and twentieth.

Logo designed by Emily Drake

Logo designed by Emily Drake




Q: How do I submit my work?

A: You can email us at yersene@gmail.com or contact us through any of our social media profiles.

Q: What does it mean to be a team member? 

A: Team members are a part of our private discord channels and Facebook groups, and are encouraged to contribute to conversations about Yer Scene. We have discord channels for our respective departments, and to join the team you would be a part of your department chat as well as our general team groupchats. Being a team member also means engaging in the groups, getting to know your fellow team members, and participating in conversations and conference calls when you can.

Q: Do I have to join the team to submit content?

A: Not necessarily. We have three levels of contributors on our team:

Full-time contributors are those who submit work monthly and are a team member.

Part-time contributors submit when they are able to and are a team member. 

One-time contributors submit work once or twice when they can, they are not a team member. 



Q: What can I contribute? 

A: Photography, drawings, paintings, photos of physical artwork.

**Note: Although this is a music centred zine, submissions do not have to be music related. We are open to anything and everything creative! 


Q: Will I get credit for my submission?

A: Of course! We always include a credits page at the back of the zine, and we also have bios for our contributors in each issue if you want to include your contact information there. 


Q: Can I write articles if Iā€™m on the art/photography team?

A: Yes! You can be a part of both teams, you just have to contact one of our editors at yerscene@gmail.com to submit articles. 


Q: What can I contribute?

A: Gig/album reviews, think-pieces, creative writing, autobiographical pieces, interviews. As with our art department, submitted content is not limited to music related pieces! We encourage creativity above all else.

Q: Will I be credited?

A: Of course! We have a credits page at the back of the zine and you will ALWAYS be credited in-article.

For special inquiries related to writing, contact Brandon at bnurick13@msn.com