Media Team FAQ

Writing Team FAQ 

Q: What can I contribute? 

A: Photography, drawings, paintings, photos of physical artwork.

**Note: Although this is a music centred zine, submissions do not have to be music related. We are open to anything and everything creative! 


Q: Will I get credit for my submission?

A: Of course! We always include a credits page at the back of the zine, and we also do bios if you want to include your contact information there. 


Q: How do I submit art/photos?

A: You can email Amelia at yersene@gmail.com or contact us through any of our social media profiles.


Q: Do I have to join the team to submit content?

A: Not necessarily. We have three levels of contributors on our team:

Full-time contributors are those who submit work monthly and are a team member.

Part-time contributors submit when they are able to and are a team member. 

One-time contributors submit work once or twice when they can, they are not a team member. 


Q: What does it mean to be a team member? 

A: Team members are a part of our private Facebook group and are able to contribute to conversations about the zine. We also have group chats for our respective departments, you would be a part of the Art/Photo/Design chat and our general chat. Being a team member also means being active in the group, this means getting to know your fellow team members and participating in conversations when you can. 


Q: Can I write articles if I’m on the art/photography team?

A: Yes! You can be a part of both teams, you just have to contact one of our editors at yerscene@gmail.com to submit articles. 


**Note: All submissions will be reviewed before they are accepted for publication in the zine.

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