Friends & Fury

Friends & Fury is an interview series focusing on DIY and one-on-one conversation between editor in chief Abram Fury and a revolving cast of guests.


In Episode 1, Lor from Worst Part (Nova Scotia, Canada) and Abram hit on everything they can. They talk Maritime culture, favourite hole in the wall food places, drumming, and participating in yer local scene.

In this episode, Mikhail from Mount Seldom Records (Eugene, OR, USA) and Abe hit on everything they can. They talk about how Mount Seldom Records Started, how many records they produced and some advice on how to start your own DIY record label.

We also play Cool, Awesome by Vallow (Portland, OR)

In this episode, Hugh (a writer from our Yer Scene team) and Abe talk about playing in a different country, possessing fireworks while going through the border, Hugh’s solo project and many more!
We play two songs from Hugh’s solo project, first one is Party and the second is DRINKINGSOYMILKSTR8FROMTHECARTON (WITH A DOSE OF PARANOIA)