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Awakebutstillinbed/Foxtails/Binary/Driver's Ed

One of the craziest line ups ive ever had the pleasure of booking. Kick off the summer with this amazing gig!!!
$5-$8 Donations Strongly Suggested!!!!! A lotta traveling bands and the def deserve some money to help w/ travels.

The Temple is a safe space and there is absolutely NO TOLERANCE for any kind of phobes. No Cops. PLEASE respect the space. The residents of the Temple were gracious enough to let us use their beautiful home for the gig. Please keep in mind that this is someones house. ASK A PUNK FOR THE ADDRESS

awakebutstillinbed +++ emo (CA)
All the way from san jose, awakebutstillinbed will blow your socks off. Their debut album "what people call low sel-steem is really just seeing yourself the way that other people see you" is personally my AOTY at this point in the year (im holding out for Jeromes Dream's $15k Record :^)). You're not gonna want to miss their set i promise you.

Foxtails +++ mathy screamo (CT)

another one of my favorite active bands coming all the way from CT to perform to you!!!! Their LP "III" has already become a staple of quality to those in the screamo-sphere, and their follow up split w/ algae bloom continues to take that sound to a new level. Not only are their songs sweet but they are also v sweet human beings. <3333333

binary +++ emoviolence (PHL)

I have wanted to see this band for so long and i am personally so stoked that they are on this bill. If you're into the harder and faster side of screamo (ie Orchid, Jermome's Dream) then you're in for a treat. Also, if you've never seen anything like this before please check this out because watching emoviolence bands live is always an experience in of itself. I'm sure binary will bring some crazy energy to the basement of the temple.

Driver's Ed +++ emo (DE)

Your Local Sweethearts w/ only the catchiest tunes. Come yell at Nic to cuff his pants while he's trying to play bass.