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Live at News Cafe! with Ozlo, Two Headed Girl, Off Hope n MORE

a night of ROCK N ROLL with some mathy rock bands and Off Hope doing whatever the hell it is we do.

Ozlo (Ma)
melodic, cool n crisp music from Boston, great music to convulse to. Riff driven, 90s math wizards.

Two Headed Girl (Ct)
mathy emo magic that will make you wanna ROCK OUT. If you like dark, disjointed, powerful guitar riffs mixed with vocals that make u wanna cry and pump ur fist (in a good way) YOULL LOVE EM.

Off Hope
Providence n Pawtucket localsz. The singer is known to gargle broken glass, the drummer has a hernia, and the bassist breaks his low e string every other day. Together they make riff driven garage punk or somethin whatever.