Our Team


Abram Fury

Editor-in-Chief // New Brunswick, Canada (he/him)

Abram Ebenezer Fury is a 21 year old mad man from Grand Bay, New Brunswick, Canada. Abe’s all about the early metalcore and good podcasts. You can find him and all his bizarre adventures at @ebenezerfury on all social media!


Olivia Chenier

Artist // New Brunswick, Canada (she/her)

Olivia Chenier is a 20 year old jack of most trades artist. Lives in Saint john area of NB, Canada. She loves true crime, every art there is, and video games. She's in school to become a graphic designer. Her Instagram is @Olivia_Chenier


Nat Dolitsky

Head of PR & Special Projects // Missouri, USA (she/they)

Nat is a 22 year old Big Thinker from St. Louis, Missouri.
Writer, lousy artist, musician, print media enthusiast, all around stuff-doer. Hoards playlists and gets to the gig sometimes.
Find Nat at @vommegut on instagram & twitter


Jeremy Plume

Podcast Editor, Discord Mod // New Brunswick, Canada (he/him)

Jeremy is a 25 year old Diddy Kong main in the making. When he is not getting whooped in Smash friendies he is editing and recording the Yer Scene podcast! You can follow him on instagram at @its_plume and on twitter @itsplume


Hugh Schmidt

Writer // Washington, USA (they/them)

Hugh is a 20-year-old godless degenerate living in Tacoma, WA. When not otherwise occupied with moral decay, they are a student, musician, and writer. Hugh is also the host of Mass Panic, a weekly hardcore show on 90.1FM KUPS, which is also a zine! You can contact them at hwschmidt99@gmail.com


Ryan Najjar

Writer // Oregon, USA

Ryan Najjar, who also goes by AKA Carpenter, is a writer, artist & absolute unit freshly based in Portland, Oregon. He loves cheese, bouldering, Playboi Carti, and everyone who tells him his articles are good. You can follow him at @thelittlekingcarpenter on Instagram or @akacarpenter667 on Twitter.


Kimi Smith

Team Coordinator & Administrator // New Brunswick, Canada (she/they)

Kimi Smith is 23 years old and 23 years tired, from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Kimi enjoys all things art, music, and books and can often be found holed up in a corner, crafting. If you wanna keep up with her constant selfies and different hair colors you can follow @kasm.angel on Instagram!


Matt Comeau

Writer, PR Team // Montreal, Waterloo (he/him)

Matt is a student of Political Science that loves dodging looming responsibilities and going to shows on work nights. When he's not half-assing adulthood, you can find him (trying) to make music or quietly wandering the streets of Montreal at night. You should definitely follow his Instagram @scratchedvinylwithmatt.


Dylan Hewitson-Bevis

Writer // Brisbane, Australia (he/him)

Dylan Hewitson-Bevis is 18 years old on the outside and 104 years old on the inside. Dylan lives in Brisbane, Australia and is currently studying a communications degree at QUT. He’s normally asleep till midday, but you can find him on instagram at @dylanjhb any time after that


Gemma Cannavo

Artist // London, England (she/her)

Gemma is a photographer, artist, and wannabe musician who can’t play any instruments. She just finished art school and can’t wait to see where she ends up!


Adam Raczkowski

Writer // South Carolina, USA (he/him)

Adam Raczkowski is 23 lives in Columbia South Carolina. Likes music that has a heavy focus on experimentation with sound. Runs an independent record label called Strange Noise Records that focuses on experimental releases. Solo project is Kilgore Trout. Find him on bandcamp:



Daniele Carrera

Artist // Brescia, Italy (he/him)

Daniele is a collagist and glitch artist that loves to experiment with his art. He is a knitter and enjoys all kinds of music (but nothing that can be labelled pop)


Shaina Harvey

Meetup Coordinator & Administrator // New Brunswick, Canada (she/her)

Shaina Harvey is a 21 year old science major, Yer Scene administrator, and Behind The Scene meetup coordinator from Quispamsis NB. Trying to follow Abe’s footsteps one shoeprint at a time, you can find her using her voice to advocate for her passions.


Owen Schmidt

Writer // Maine, USA (he/him)

Owen is a drummer, DJ, and political science student, currently residing in Lewiston Maine. When he’s not studying, music writing, or depression tweeting, he’s attempting to run a college radio station and trying to find true love.


Brandon Nurick

Editor // East Norriton, PA, USA (he/him)

Brandon works at a general life insurance agency and shows up to the office in black metal tees. Physically 28, mentally 17. Loves metal, but a fan of all types of music. Addict in recovery. Moonlights as a Super Saiyan.


Elijah Whittaker

Writer // Florida, USA (he/him)

Elijah is an 18 year old from Central Florida. When he’s not at a hardcore show starting a wall of death, he’s probably at home reviewing music, playing Smash Bros., or playing with his favorite pup, Bud. You can find him on instagram @boomjizz or twitter @JobForACowBro


Alice Hirsch

Photographer, Artist, Writer // Toronto, Montreal (she/her)

Alice akes photos for a living to feed her three rabbits.


Ariadna Vegas

Writer & Illustrator // Barcelona, Catalonia (she/her)

Ari is a Barcelonian illustrator, comic student, zine-doer, and concert-goer. Catch her at the first lines of a gig (finger pointing angrily at the band), at a DIY fair, or on instagram @artofabirdwhistler @aribirdwhistle


Clarice Tudor

Illustrator // Leeds, England (she/her)

Clarice is an illustrator that draws sad, existential comics, alongside album artwork, band merch, and gig posters. Find her work on instagram @claricetheillustrator


Elijah Chamberlain

Writer // New Brunswick, Canada (he/him)

Elijah is 22 and lives in Saint John, New Brunswick. When not working full time, he's usually listening to some form of music or another, be it black metal or emo and playing video games. Herald of procrastinating, unless it has to do with World of Warcraft.

He can be found @existential_sad_boi on Instagram and @LDRsAshtray on Twitter.


Kuma Thibodeau

Artist // New Brunswick, Canada (they/them)

Kuma is a 22 year old from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. They use they/them pronouns and enjoy making all different kinds of art along with having afternoon naps with their cat. you can find their art account on instagram at @pigmagraphic


Paige Teeman

Editorial Staff // Missouri, USA

Paige Teeman is 21 and lives in Kansas City, Missouri. Upon graduating Truman State University, she has gained extensive experience in editorial work through her internship at The Missouri Review and time as a writing consultant for the University. When on long road trips, her preferred music genre is anything with a kick ass bass and lyrics she can poorly sing along to. Find her occasionally on Twitter @PagesWithPaige