Meet our full-time team members, who work to provide quality content for the zine each month. 

Kenneth Fury

Editor in chief

When Kenneth Fury gets stressed out, he drinks coffee or beer in the shower. You can find him spewing political theory or nonsense in some pretentious coffee store in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Alternately, on social media at @kfurybud.

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Jeremy Plume

Director of Social Media/HR

Jeremy Plume lives in New Brunswick and is pretty new to the scene but is ready to get to be involved in it, he makes sure that if someone really digs that band then he will listen to a song of theirs. Any band that you are listening to and want to share, send him a message and he will take a listen. Follow him on Instagram @its_plume and twitter @itsplume

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Amelia Bailey

Director of Art & Design

Amelia Bailey is a 22 year old student at UNBSJ studying Politics. She is passionate about art, photography and music. She loves attending shows in her home town of Saint John, New Brunswick. You can follow her on instagram @_ameliabailey_  or email her at amelia.bailey@unb.ca 

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Hugh Schmidt

Head Writer

Hugh Schmidt is a writer and musician from Carlisle, MA who currently lives in Tacoma, WA for school. He's the host of Document #90.1, a skramz/emocore radio show on KUPS Tacoma and a co-founder of Punk!Atasset Records. He's the bassist and vocalist in Kids Luv Cops back in MA and has various solo projects. You can find him on twitter @gblessgilgamesh, and if you want to submit your music for review or for his radio show, email him at hwschmidt99@gmail.com,

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Eileen Michelle Jones


Eileen Michelle Jones is a Canadian photographer with roots in the far north and the Maritimes with a focus on underground DIY music scenes. Punk rocker since the age of 11. instagram: @indyrenegade flickr portfolio: emichellejones business: emichellejones@gmail.com

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William Sinclair

Cover Design

William Sinclair is a non-binary photographer and graphic designer based in Halifax Nova Scotia. Instagram: @lilbilly Email: williamsinclair97@Gmail.com

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Edward Rojas


Edward Rojas is a junior at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. He is majoring in philosphy and plays guitar in 3 bands which include Pet Minotaur, a jangly emo moth band, Sentiments, a noisy shoegaze pop group, and Self Help, a dreamy twinkly indie pop band. Edward writes for his school magazine, The Peel, and likes to play ping pong and watch movies.

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Elijah Chamberlain


Elijah is a third year history student from New Brunswick attending UNBSJ. He is a massive metalhead, who listens to mostly everything that fits into the genre. While metal may be his passion, he also enjoys video games, emo/indie rock and reading fantasy. 

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Emily Ham

writer/social media team - instagram

Emily Ham is an emo sad girl from Lafayette, Louisiana. She is a journalism major as well as an avid member in her local scene. Her favorite pastimes are watching anime, working in her local scene, and crying. “Real Emo” only consists of the DC emotional hardcore scene and the late 90’s screamo scene. For more trash, follow her on instagram at @ham.jpeg, twitter at @ham_jpeg. She is also available for serious inquiries at emilyham1996@gmail.com.

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Katie Dever


Katie is a 19 year old student from Saint John, NB. She attends UNBSJ, and is studying Political Science. Her pastimes include reading, knitting and scrolling through Tumblr at 2 AM on school nights.

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Livvy Mitchell


Livvy is a non binary illustrator based in the UK. He loves vegan food and house plants!! Instagram @livvyillustration

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Dylan Hewitson-Bevis


Dylan is a 17 year old student from Brisbane, Australia. He's a massive fan of music and photography, and you can find his photos scattered across his Instagram @dylanjhb

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Nathan Sheridan


Nathan Sheridan is an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. He's going to attend the Glasgow School of Art in September to specialized in Communication Design. He enjoys listening to music, watching films and drinking Buckfast in his spare time.

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Clarice Tudor


Clarice is an illustrator and student based in Leeds. She makes and gets overly excited about album artwork, band merch and gig posters. Find her work on Instagram @crispybabyclam

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Matias Ramirez-Bugeno

Photographer // Writer

Matias created his company "Hyperview" because he believes that bands need visual support. As a photographer he wants to capture the perfect moment when the bands and the people make the magic behind the music. He has a passion for music, film and photography.

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Adam Yoe


Adam Yoe. 38. Born and battered in Baltimore. Digs the woods. His best friends are both canines. Punk, books, hardcore, coffee, and godless. Writer is a strong word, but he enjoys bugging bands via email. Old person in a young persons world. 


Daniele Carrera


Daniele is an Italian collagist and glitch artist that love to experiment with media and techniques. Instagram: @dokfitz Email: Carreradan@libero.it 

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Gemma Cannavo


Gemma is a fine art student with a love for anything music. When she's not taking pictures at gigs, you can find her exploring the London art scene. Keep up with the adventures on Instagram @gemm.c


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