"SUPPORT" IS NOT JUST AN UMBRELLA TERM: A Yer Scene Compilation for the Benefit of Sex Workers


This year, in light of recent attacks on marginalized groups, Yer Scene is putting together a compilation album for the benefit of sex workers to be released on December 17, the international Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Many dangers faced by the this community, including but not limited to physical and emotional abuse, unjust arrests, and dangerous working conditions, can be greatly reduced by de-stigmatizing and decriminalizing the work they do and offering community protection to these folks.

All proceeds will be going towards SWOP Behind Bars. By supporting this organization, we are helping provide resources and fostering a community for incarcerated workers and supporting a workforce so often marginalized. Find out more about SWOP behind bars here: https://www.swopbehindbars.org/why-is-swop-behind-bars/

Here are a few other resources to look into if you're interested in learning more about why we support this cause:

Interested in contributing to our compilation? We will be accepting submissions until November 1st!

Submit work and inquiries to yerscene@gmail.com

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